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VisFT Main Screen

VisFT is a Windows-based interactive tool that supports the development and troubleshooting of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) models. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, analysts can quickly view fault tree models, obtain diagnostic information about the model and its cutset results, and trace the fault tree logic to identify errors. As a stand-alone tool, VisFT is designed to work with model files from several software tools.

VisFT can be used both for PSA model debugging and for improving high-speed risk models. As a debugging tool, VisFT helps an analyst review his/her model and results and identify possible problem areas. For debugging, the software’s visual interface allows the user to quickly move through the model to identify errors and inconsistencies. A series of diagnostic displays (e.g., house events that are not set, cutsets containing multiple recovery events, etc.) highlight areas to be examined. VisFT allows the analyst to quickly identify problems that previously would have required hours of engineering review to discover.

Key Features

  • Visual display of the fault tree, including tracing of single cutsets or groups of cutsets. The user can easily navigate up and down the tree, and can filter out the effects of TRUE and FALSE events to more easily see the current model logic.
  • Support for models developed in CAFTA and WinNUPRA, as well as configuration-specific risk models running in EOOS and Safety Monitor.
  • Fault tree and cutset diagnostic information is displayed and can be printed.
  • Ability to modify basic event values after model import
  • Cutset display can be filtered based on a variety of criteria (probability, order, containing certain events, not containing certain events, satisfying a particular gate in the tree, etc.)
  • Ability to construct and trace user-defined basic event groups, that might or might not be a valid cutset for the current model
CAFTA and EOOS are trademarks of EPRI and Data Systems and Solutions, LLC.  WinNUPRA and Safety Monitor are trademarks of SCIENTECH, LLC.

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