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Probabilistic Risk Assessment
PRA Applications
Maintenance Optimization

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Maracor Technical Services, Inc. offers our capabilities in the following technical areas for the electric power utility industry and other large industrial clients:

Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) 

Many utilities have incorporated their PRA models as an integral part of their overall risk management activities. PRA is used to improve the management of plant safety and economic performance by combining "risk insights" with traditional evaluations. PRA can support improvements in management of plant safety and economic performance because a PRA provides an integrated and quantitative assessment of risk.

PRA Applications 

PRA and associated analyses can be used to reduce unnecessary conservatism associated with current regulatory requirements, regulatory guides, license commitments, and staff practices.

The use of PRA technology can also be used to complement a traditional defense-in-depth philosophy. Maracor supports a comprehensive spectrum of PRA applications, including applications that are less well known

Maintenance Optimization 

Reliability analysis techniques can be used to help optimize the maintenance programs for power plant equipment.  These Preventive Maintenance Optimization methods, including Reliability-Centered Maintenance, can help to decide on an optimum balance of predictive technologies, traditional preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance to repair or replace components should they fail to operate.  Maracor personnel have expertise in performing such evaluations, as well as experience in the development of software tools to manage these maintenance optimization programs.

Software Development 

Maracor provides specialty consulting services in software development for technical applications.  Properly-designed software tools can help to reduce the costs of performing routine tasks and can help to reduce the opportunities for errors to be introduced into routine analyses and business processes.   Our staff's expertise in multiple disciplines ensures that software tools are developed correctly the first time.


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