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SM Uncert

Maracor is developing a library of engineering software tools to support risk analysis and reliability analysis applications.  

We pride ourselves on developing software that is easy to use, provides extensive error checking, and is thoroughly tested.  

Click on the links below to learn more about our current products, and watch for announcements of additional products as they are developed.


VisFT provides a powerful set of visual diagnostic tools to assist the PRA analyst in troubleshooting and optimizing models.  The tool was specifically designed to support the needs of analysts developing configuration-specific risk models, as well as other very large fault tree models.  VisFT can analyze models developed using the industry-standard CAFTA™ and WinNUPRA™ PRA software packages, as well as models evaluated in the EOOS™ and Safety Monitor™ configuration risk management software tools. 


SM-Uncert provides the ability to perform sophisticated probabilistic uncertainty calculations for configuration risk modeling support.  The latest version of this tool is now available, and allows uncertainty evaluations to easily be performed for Safety Monitor and WinNUPRA evaluations.  Support for other configuration risk management tools will be added in future versions.

CAFTA and EOOS are trademarks of EPRI and Data Systems and Solutions, LLC.  WinNUPRA and Safety Monitor are trademarks of SCIENTECH, a Curtis-Wright Flow Control Company.


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