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PRA Applications

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A utility that is only using its Probabilistic Risk Assessment model to satisfy the minimum regulatory requirements may not be achieving the best economic return on the engineering effort and costs associated with building and maintaining that model.  By applying the PRA to evaluate plant operational, training and design improvement issues, significant benefit can be obtained with only a small incremental cost.

Regulatory acceptance of risk-informed applications has been steadily growing, and the range of potential applications has grown in concert with this improved regulatory acceptance.  The PRA can be used to address plant-unique issues and capabilities, or can be used to save costs and improve flexibility with complying with common industry regulatory requirements (such as Technical Specifications, inspections and tests, etc.)

Key Benefits of Performing PRA Applications

  • Can help to reduce regulatory burdens and improve operational flexibility
  • Help to identify for plant staff and management the key contributors to plant unreliability (both for economic and safety considerations), as well as possible strategies to address these unreliability contributors
  • Allows the plant to obtain more value from its PRA model-building investment

Corporate Capabilities

Maracor's staff can support a comprehensive spectrum of PRA Applications, including the following:

  • Configuration-specific risk models for risk-optimal operating strategies
  • "Risk to Generation" models to evaluate the risk of inadvertent plant shutdown
  • Hazard-specific risk models (e.g., hazard barrier impairment models)
  • Risk impacts of power uprate (both instrument upgrade and extended power uprate)
  • Technical Specification Optimization (Allowed Outage Time extension, risk-informed Technical Specifications)
  • Risk evaluation of plant operational events in support of the Significance Determination Process (SDP)
  • Risk-informed In-Service Inspection
  • Evaluation of Severe Accident Management Alternatives (SAMA) for License Renewal
  • Risk evolution of proposed plant design changes

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