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Maracor's management team possesses extensive experience in several technical fields, as well as in the management of complex technical and software projects.  A brief overview of the professional backgrounds of our corporate management team is presented below:

Thomas Morgan has nearly 30 years of experience in technical consulting and software development, as well as 15 years of experience in project and group management.  His areas of expertise include Probabilistic Risk Assessment applications, reliability analysis, Reliability-Centered Maintenance, thermal-hydraulic analysis, and software development.  He has developed several major PRA-related software packages (both as a lead developer and as project manager/functional designer) and a number of techncial and business-related applications.  Mr. Morgan has also provided training courses in PRA and its applications, RCM/maintenance optimization, and related topics in the US, Europe and Asia.  He holds a BS degree in Nuclear Engineering (with a specialization in computer science) and an MBA degree in Management Science.  He is also a registered Professional Engineer.

Diane Jones has over 20 years of experience in Probabilistic Risk Assessment, Risk Management (both in the electric utility and chemical process industries), PRA Applications and chemical hazards analysis.  Ms. Jones has also supported Reliability-Centered Maintenance projects for several power plants.  She is an experienced technical manager and project manager who has successfully managed major projects under tight budget and schedule constraints.  She holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering.

Raymond Dremel has over 20 years of experience in Probabilistic Risk Assessment and PRA applications.  He recently led a major two-unit power plant PRA update project, which included such tasks as software conversion, documentation update,  model expansion to include all operating modes, and implementation of a configuration risk monitor.  He has also been extensively involved in software verification and validation testing and in providing user support for complex software tools.  Mr. Dremel holds a BS degree in Nuclear Engineering and an MBA degree.  He is also a registered Professional Engineer.


The experience and capabilities of other Maracor staff members and associates can be provided upon request.

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