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SM-Uncert™ is a stand-alone tool for performing uncertainty analysis for configuration-specific risk monitor applications.  The latest version of this software directly uses data files generated by Safety Monitor™ and WinNUPRA™ for input of basic event data and the cutsets to be evaluated.  Additional information is provided to the program via spreadsheet files and information provided by the user directly through the SM-Uncert interface.

Future versions will include the ability to perform uncertainty calculations using the data and results from other risk assessment and configuration risk monitoring tools.

Random sample generation is performed using the LHS program developed by Sandia National Laboratories.  The Sandia-created TEMAC program is also used to perform the uncertainty calculations.  Both programs have been widely used in government and industry over the last 15 years.  The SM-Uncert user interface allows the analyst to quickly prepare the information needed to perform the uncertainty analyses.

Key Features

  • Easily perform an uncertainty analysis for any evaluation, including "base case" and specific plant configurations
  • Support for both Latin Hypercube constrained samples or random samples (up to 2000 samples per evaluation)
  • Basic events can be correlated according to user preferences
  • Various importance and uncertainty calculation and output options are provided
  • Operates on 32-bit Windows computers (Windows® 98 or later)


In order to use SM-Uncert program, the LHS and TEMAC programs must be separately licensed from the US Department of Energy through the RSICC.

Safety Monitor is a trademark of SCIENTECH,a Curtis -Wright Flow Control company.  Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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