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Acquisition by Enercon

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ENERCON Acquires MARACOR Technical Services Inc. of Middletown, Maryland

Company Expands Probabilistic Risk Assessment Capability

KENNESAW, Ga. – (November 4, 2013) – Enercon Services, Inc. (ENERCON), a diversified energy consulting company with corporate headquarters in Atlanta (Kennesaw), Ga. has acquired MARACOR Technical Services Inc. (MARACOR) of Middletown, Maryland, a high-end technical analysis and software development company supporting the nuclear industry.

Founded in 1998, MARACOR quickly became well known in the commercial nuclear power industry for providing quality Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) analyses and innovative risk-informed applications.. Their excellent reputation as one of the industry’s top providers of risk and reliability services has allowed them to be recognized in the U.S. and internationally as a premier supplier of these specialized services.

ENERCON President John Richardson said, “MARACOR is an excellent fit for ENERCON and will complement our existing engineering, licensing, environmental and new plant services, as well as add senior level managers with extensive experience in PRA and PRA applications.  MARACOR has broad experience and expertise using PRA analyses and risk informed applications to address NRC licensing issues and to improve power plant reliability.  MARACOR will further strengthen and expand ENERCON’s current capabilities in these areas.”

MARACOR President Tom Morgan said, “We are proud to join ENERCON and to expand the range of services we can offer our current clients.  MARACOR and ENERCON share a deep commitment to serving the nuclear power industry and our clients with quality products and responsive customer-focused service.  We will continue to offer outstanding PRA support with the technical, regulatory and management expertise that our clients rely on.”

ENERCON is a diversified energy consulting company offering engineering, environmental, and management services.  ENERCON is an employee owned company of over 1,500 people with 25 offices nationwide.  ENERCON’s office in Abu Dhabi, operates under the name ESI-Energy Consultants, which is used for international marketing and operations.  ENERCON’s clients include major electric utilities, municipalities, banking and real estate, the federal government and many Fortune 500 companies.

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